Aug 08

How to Choose the Right Spy App for Your Mobile Phone?

Spy apps for mobile phones are the best way to keep a track of what your kids are doing, the activities of your spouse if you doubt him or her, or to monitor what your employees are doing during the office hours. There are several such apps available in the market that choosing a good one may seem […]

Jul 18

A dark side of technology: Smartphones, social media can adversely affect children’s mental health

The ills of social media and smartphone use have been harped upon ad nauseum—often in some kind of anecdote picturing a bunch of teens around a table, noses firmly pressed into their phones, ignoring each other and oblivious to the world around them. It can be a little disingenuous, but there is truth to the […]

Jun 17

Top 5 Best iPhone Apps

Apple’s iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world, and we want you to get the most out of yours. From dating apps to QR scanners, your phone is capable of nearly anything these days, and some apps just rise above the rest. We’ve recently cut our list of the best iPhone apps in half, bringing […]

May 10

cool gadgets for men in 2018

As 2018 has been such a gratuitous year on the gadget front, we’ve rounded up nine of the best gadgets for men. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of gadgets to choose from. Of course, you’ll also know which devices are going to rock your world. So without further ado, let’s […]

Apr 11

Start Playing Interactive Virtual Reality games on Smartphone

Nolo is basically one compact system that will allows the VR (Virtual Reality) gaming the mobile device. You will have to simple attach the head-set marker on to the smartphone, then set the single station motion tracker, have the 2 controllers and that’s it, you are all set to start off with your gaming.  Some […]

Mar 23

Skype’s iOS app update: Now Make Calls with Siri

The iOS 10 is now available for iPhone users and one of the major aspects of the current and new iOS update is that the API which let the 3rd party developers for tapping in to the Siri’s major power. Interestingly the popular Tech giant – Microsoft took note of this. Recently the firm released the […]

Feb 09

Useful and Cool Gadgets You Can Make Yourself

1) Wifi antenna We could all use wifi that’s a little stronger, or reaches a little further, and you don’t necessarily have to buy a new router to get it. Wifi antennas can be built from scratch in a whole host of ways, using everything from tin cans to baby bottles. You can use these wifi […]

Jan 25

Are Security Cameras Right For Neighborhoods?

Neighborhood security cameras have turned out to be exceptionally well known over the last decade. Homeowners are searching for added security other than that of their own home. Neighborhood awareness in communities is at an all-time high to protect neighborhoods. With more up to date innovation in HD advanced video surveillance, neighborhoods would now be […]

Dec 19

4 Smart Apps to Manage Your Finance

It isn’t the time for you to wait for your financial planner to help you manage your earnings. There are many mobile apps to do this job for you instantly. No waiting period required; just enter the details and leave the app to do the rest of the job. It helps you to make your […]